sf payette 1 2019

Question of the Week:


What is a good dry fly rod for me?


If you ask this question to another angler, you will probably get a different answer.  Most fly fishermen are zoned into what weight and length of the fly rod they use.  In other words, “I prefer a 5 wt. fly rod for casting dry flies” and so on.  Others will tell you what length they like.  However when you get down to the nuts and bolts of casting dry flies it boils down to what weight fly line you want to cast.  As anglers we cast fly line.  In order to cast fly line we need a fish gun or fly rod.  The characteristics of light line will give you a lighter cast and a gentler presentation.

Generally speaking, a good weight line for dry fly fishing is a 4 wt., weight forward fly line for most anglers. There are advantages and disadvantages for all the different weight lines out there, for example in windy conditions light floating lines tend to be hard to handle.  In those conditions a 5 wt. floating fly line will preform better.  For me, a high quality 9ft 4 wt. fly rod is the perfect dry fly rod for most fly fishing situations I find myself in.

Mike Sandifer