January Flies

Strategies and Techniques:

This is the winter and it’s the easiest time of year to hook a rising or feeding fish.  The reason is that most rising fish during the winter will be more than likely sipping Midges.  These midges that trout are rising to are more often than not, emerging midges.  The Midges above, with the exception of the BH Zebra Midge are for catching trout rising to the emergent Midge.  The problem is finding rising fish in the winter.  It’s not as hard as you might imagine, just be patient. On the SF Boise I can spend the best part of the day driving up and down the river looking for rising fish.  After a lot of coffee and gas I eventually will find them.  Then it’s a simple task of catching them.  The above flies along with other un-beaded midges such as the plain Zebra Midge will to all the work.