Winter Fly Fishing

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Just because its winter doesn’t mean you stop fly fishing. Living in Southwest Idaho you can fly fish twelve months of the year for trout. Granted the mountain rivers and streams are pretty much snowed over but our rivers and streams on the low lands are wide open. Certainly the Boise River and Owyhee River is fishable all times of the year. The one thing you won’t see during the winter months are a lot of other fly anglers out on the water. It’s usually too cold for the fair weather fly angler. True, the winter months are cold and it does make it difficult at times to fish but if you can handle the cold weather then you can experience the pleasure of fly fishing all to yourself while catching fish.

Winter Fishing

During the summer season fly fishing can sometimes become a little complicated trying to figure out. What are trout eating especially when there are multiple hatches of aquatic insects to complicate things. Just trying to keep up with all the hatches on the different rivers you want to fish and having the right flies can sometimes make your head swim.

You don’t have that problem during the winter months. You see, contrary to popular opinion, fly fishing in the winter is easy. There is none of the fly fishing complications of the summer season in the winter. Having the right fly or pattern can make the difference between catching a lot of fish in the summer or just a few. You can eliminate that problem for the most part during the winter months.

The formula for catching trout on the dry fly is well defined and it’s a rule that rarely finds an exception. First you find rising or feeding fish, second you figure out what those fish are feeding on and last you simply give the fish that food source in form of a fly. It sounds easy but it can befuddle any angler on any river.

That doesn’t hold true for winter fly fishing because only one aquatic insect is emerging in the winter so being able to figure out what trout are feeding on is as simple as knowing what that insect is. Learn what aquatic insects emerge in the winter and the patterns we use to imitate them. We will cover the strategies and techniques used to fish both dry flies and nymphs (Sub-surface) We will solve the problem of feeding trout and how to fly fish to them. You don’t have to limit your fly fishing to just the summer season anymore. Take the knowledge you learn from this class and apply it all those rivers and streams you have stopped fishing because winter has come.