Level 2 River Skills Program

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Our Level 2 River Skills Program is an intermediate fly fishing program based on the philosophy that only two things in fly fishing will catch fish; the fly rod and the fly. If this is true, then you should be an expert on flies, aquatic entomology and fly casting. That is the main focus in the Level 2 River Skills Program. This program consists of two phases beginning with phase one which includes a formal class (which is two sessions called Fly Fishing Entomology For Southwest Idaho) and two private sessions with your instructor covering entomology, flies and fly box organization. Phase two consists of perfecting the art of fly casting. Phase two casting is 4 to 5 (or even more) casting sessions with homework, for $250.

Fly Casting :

Northwest School of Fly Fishing believes fly casting is the backbone to fly fishing. Something as important as fly casting just can’t be done in an hour and a half with 15 students. We believe that you must perfect the art of fly casting and accordingly we have put together a fly casting program that is 4 to 5 sessions with homework. If fly casting is one of only two things that catch fish then a dedicated program to achieve proficiency is required. We also believe that to teach casting to more than one person at a time is not the most effective way to teach fly casting. All fly casting instruction at Northwest School of Fly Fishing in done one on one. You get the full attention of the instructor. Your time and money is not divided up with others.

Northwest School of Fly Fishing knows there are 2 types of fly fishing; surface and sub-surface. You will learn to both surface and sub-surface cast. You will go through Strategic Casting, Stream Simulation, Gear Up, Reach Cast and Roll Cast. If you require more time with the instructor, then the class is extended to however many sessions you may require.

Fly Fishing Entomology for Southwest Idaho:

Our area offers the angler many challenging streams and rivers. Within these waters lives a diverse group of aquatic insects that our trout eat. Learn what these insects are, their life cycles, the artificial flies that represent them and the strategies used by anglers to consistently catch trout. Fly fishing is the most cerebral form of fishing and understanding which flies to have in your fly box and which to use during an insect hatch is critical. This class takes an in-depth look at the water-breathing world and how trout interact in that environment. Fly Fishing Entomology for Southwest Idaho is a 2 session class.

Advanced Fly Fishing

  • Session One: Aquatic Insect Entomology

    To understand flies you must first understand some of the aquatic entomology that makes it all work. Aquatic insects are just that, insects that live only in the water breathing water world. 98% of what a trout eats is aquatic insects. All aquatic insects emerge or hatch into adult air breathing flies. Understanding this metamorphosis is the key to understanding what aquatic insects trout eat and why.

  • Session Two: Flies and Fly Box Organization

    Session two is designed to give you a full understanding of what flies you need to have on hand to be successful fly fishing in the Northwest. You will be taught how we memorize them, categorize them and store them.