Fly Rod Building

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Modern fly rod technology has created a multitude of new fly rods each with a different use or mission. A golfer is allowed to have 14 clubs in his bag, each club is designed to perform a specific task and he uses his clubs to earn the lowest score on the course. He could use just one club but his correct use of each club would reflect in his final score. Like the golfer, fly anglers today have a tremendous variety of fly rods to choose from that perform certain task such as dry fly fishing, nymph fishing or small creek fishing. The fly anger could use just one rod but his score would reflect his use of just one rod. Rod building is a great way to add high quality fly rods to your bag at prices that may be as low as 25% of retail.

rod building

At Northwest School of Fly Fishing your Rod Building Instructor is Mike Sandifer. Mike has over 35 years of rod making experience and skill. The Rod Building Class and Northwest School of Fly Fishing are unique and different than any other similar class around. It’s impossible to learn how to build a fly rod when 8 other student are learning at the same time. If 8 students are building their own rods at the same time with only one instructor it’s a recipe for disaster.

As a class we will build a fly rod from the beginning to the end. It is a 2 session class that takes you through the steps to build a fly rod. These steps are standard rod building steps but that’s where the similarities end. With Mike’s experience he will show you how to navigate these steps is such a way that you will learn how to build a fly rod and you will learn what mistakes not to make. The end result will be a beautiful fly rod.

If you should choose to want to build your own fly rod you can be mentored right here at Northwest School of Fly Fishing. This mentorship is free! You will get to choose the fly rod you wish to make and all the components that goes with it. You are then welcomed to build your fly rod right here at the school under the direction and mentorship of Mike Sandifer. That insures that your first fly rod is built by you and built correctly so that any future fly rod you want you can build on your own.
As fly anglers we strive to be rod rich and gear poor. The fly and the fly rod are the gear that catches the fish. Improve your fly rod selection, learn a new hobby that will provide gifts and rods for ever or simply enjoy the craft while building a great new fly rod.