Fly Fishing Strategies for the Boise River

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Boise RIver
Although the Boise River flows through the metropolitan Boise area where thousands live, it can remain a mystery to those anglers who don’t fish it very often. One of the best reasons to fly fish the Boise River is that it is open year-round and it is in our back yard. The Boise River is a diverse tail water that has multiple hatches of many aquatic insects that fly anglers must identify in order to be successful. This class will tour the river and stop at many productive fishing locations where participants will discuss strategies and techniques used by anglers who fish the river regularly. Extensive visits to both the South Branch and the North Branch of the Boise River around Eagle Island are done to familiarize you with the diversity of the river through this area. Discussions on the river range from what flies to use, river access and what time of day should you be fishing these areas of the river. This class takes place on various sections of the Boise River depending on what part of town the person taking the class lives. This is a non fishing class and can take as much as 3 to 4 hours to complete. Fly Fishing Strategies for the Boise River is only open to 2 students.