Fly Fishing Secrets of the Owyhee River

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Tucked way away on the Idaho Oregon border, a long way from Western Oregon and its politics sits the greatest brown trout fishery in North America. I would venture to say the most Oregonians who live in Western Oregon doesn’t know it even exists. The Owyhee River that we know today is a result of some creative trout stocking done by Oregon’s Fish and Game back in the late eighties and early nineties when they introduce brown trout to the Owyhee River.

brown trout

What makes the Owyhee River the greatest brown trout river in America is two things; first the size of the brown trout in the Owyhee River are consistently large with many over the 20 inch mark and second the hatches on this river are simply phenomenal. The Owyhee River is a dry fly fishing paradise. The insect hatches on the river are some of the longest in duration and brown trout feed freely twelve months of the year. Various may fly hatches are constant throughout the spring, summer and fall. They come in waves all season one after the other almost like clockwork. Caddis flies begin emerging in May and will continue all summer into late September.

It is not uncommon to catch many brown trout over 20 inches in one day. To be successful on a consistent basis requires the angler to become intimately knowledgeable of the river. In many cases it can take years to understand the hatches, feeding patterns, and those special holes that always produce. Having a edge to what these brown trout are feeding on, where they are feeding on these insects and what times of the day can make you a better angler and speed up your learning curve. This class emphasizes this river’s entomology, matching the hatch and the best flies to use on this river to catch brown trout. If you live in Idaho or Eastern Idaho it makes sense to make North America’s greatest brown trout fishery your home water. Fly anglers all over the United States and Europe fly to Argentina to get in on their world class brown trout fisheries while Argentineans fly to the Owyhee River to do the same.

Fly Fishing Secrets of the Owyhee River is a class designed to give you the information that will give you a heads up on when, how, where and what flies to use. You don’t have to wait for experience to give you the knowledge you need to make the “O” your favorite river.