Czech Nymphing: Becoming a Better Nymph Fisherman

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Czech Nymphing has really caught on in America. This is a European form of nymphing that is extremely effective method of catching trout. Every year the Europeans win the International Fly Fishing Competition no matter where it’s held. Their method of nymph fishing has been so effective that the American team has adopted this technique and has recently finished as high as third place. Much controversy has been made about this style of nymphing from the dry fly community because of its effectiveness.

czech nymphing

This seminar is designed to explain what Czech Nymphing is, what types of equipment are used, what type of flies and leaders to use and how it’s done effectively. Czech Nymphing is very compatible to the classical straight line/ high stick nymphing and you can easily cross over to Czech style of nymphing and try it yourself. We will also discuss other styles of Czech Nymphing that have spawned with its merge with American forms of Nymphing. Unlike dry fly fishing, there are many forms or styles of nymph fishing. Sometimes it’s hard to find two anglers who do it the same. The focus in this class is to show you what Czech nymphing is and how it can make your nymph fishing better or more successful.