Classic Dry Fly Fishing

dry fly fishing

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Most fly anglers prefer the action of dry fly fishing over all other forms of fly fishing. This class covers the fundamentals of dry fly fishing and you will learn insect identification (entomology), where to dry fly fish, which flies to use, necessary equipment, types of fly rods. We will discuss the proper type of leader used to successfully cast a dry fly as well as proper presentation of the dry fly. Particular attention is given to understanding how hatches work here in Idaho and how trout react to a typical hatch. The goal of this class is to give you a clear understanding on how to successfully dry fly fish to feeding trout.

Emphasis is put on what makes at trout strike a dry fly, how a trout sees a dry fly and what an angler must do to make a fish strike his or her dry fly. Clearly defining what is a trout’s search or prey image and how important that becomes to presenting the right fly. We will discuss the sight vision of a trout and how he uses his eye sight to identify what is food and what is not. Learning what type of river you are fishing often will determine what type of fly you will be using and the logic behind the size and color of your fly when making a fly selection.