Beginning Fly Fishing Program

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Northwest School of Fly Fishing is in the business of teaching people how to be successful in fly fishing. The Treasure Valley is in the middle of some of the best fly fishing waters in North America so why not take advantage and learn the best way to fly fish these magnificent rivers and streams? You will learn how to cast, how all the fly fishing equipment works, what flies to use and how to fish them. You should be able to fly fish efficiently on most waters by the end of the session. This is a three hour course (or a 2 session class of one and a half hours per session) designed to get you on the water with the knowledge to get you started catching fish in Idaho.


Beginning Fly Fishing goes beyond what the fly fishing equipment is and how it works. It goes beyond what flies fly anglers use to catch fish and goes beyond learning to fly cast. Beginning Fly Fishing will break into the cerebral aspects of fly fishing. We will discuss the fly fishing logic that explains how we fish rivers in Idaho. Not only will you learn the logic behind fly fishing but why we do the things we do in fly fishing. The reality of fly fishing is that there are only two things that catch fish; the fly and the fly rod. Beginning Fly Fishing enters the realm of trout flies so that you develop a clear understanding of how flies catch fish, the types of flies there are and which flies you should have in your fly box.

Most beginning fly fishing classes focus most of their fly fishing instruction on how to cast a fly rod. There you spend most of your time learning the components and gear fly anglers use on the water. This is important but is only part of the process. Learning to fly cast so that you never forget is the goal in Northwest School of Fly Fishing’s Beginning Fly Fishing class. Learning how to fly cast is something that takes practice and you should be practicing at home and Northwest School of Fly Fishing offers, free of charge, casting clinics at the school to keep you on top of your casting.

The focus of the Beginning Fly Fishing class is to give you the information you need to perform the art of fly fishing on any river or stream you wish to fish. Further, Northwest School of Fly Fishing will give you various alternatives available to you to continue your fly fishing education. One thing is certain in fly fishing; you never stop learning no matter how long you have been fly fishing.