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Silver Creek is located a couple of hours northeast of Boise, just 4 miles east of the Hwy 30 and Hwy 75 junction. Silver Creek is one of the best spring creeks in America. Silver Creek is the prettiest place in Idaho that does not have trees. Anglers from all over the West travel to Silver Creek every year to ply their trade at the “Graduate School of Fly Fishing.” What makes Silver Creek famous is the multitude of hatches, year-round spring water and of course the wild trout. Meandering through tall grass, this spring creek offers the angler a challenge at every bend. Most fly anglers who have not fished Silver Creek think of the creek as only where public access is granted via the Nature Conservancy which owns a large portion of the creek. However there are other access points along Silver Creek that open quite a few miles of creek for fly anglers to fly fish.
Silver Creek Idaho
Silver Creek is a dry fly fishing paradise with a multitude of aquatic insect hatches that happen daily. One of the most enduring may fly hatches is the Pale Morning Dun may fly. When the trout season opens on the last Saturday of May the Pale Morning Dun may fly emergence is usually in full swing. It can be critical to your success to have the right fly. Silver Creek is pretty famous from a national stand point and during the season it’s common to see more out of state license plates than Idaho license plates.

Becoming an expert on Silver Creek will introduce you to Silver Creek and the complexities of the creek that make Silver Creek live up to its nick name “The Graduate School of Fly Fishing.” You will learn about the various hatches that take place on the creek and most important what flies we use on the creek that imitate these hatches. Emphasis is put on the type of fly fishing equipment and leaders necessary to cast and catch these spring fed trout.

Using maps you will learn where the fishing accesses are and the geographic layout of Silver Creek and where on the map are the best places to try your luck. You can spend years learning these secrets or tricks of the trade or you can take this class and take a lot of notes. The information given out in this class will have a direct result in your ability to fish over the rising fish on Silver Creek.