Advanced Fly Fishing Program

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Northwest School of Fly Fishing’s Advanced Fly Fishing Program is the next step in fly fishing.
Some new fly anglers have mastered all the practical concepts in fly fishing, but haven’t a good understanding on how to be successful on the water. Other fly anglers may have been fly fishing for a number of years and seem to be at a point where they’ve hit a wall. Then there are others that just seem to have been left behind. We at Northwest School of Fly Fishing understand this and have created what we believe is the best advanced fly fishing program in America. The Advanced Fly Fishing Program is 4 days long consisting of class room sessions lasting up to 2 hours. Then the last day is spent fly fishing on the Owyhee River with guides from Dreams on the Fly, learning new on-river skills and perfecting those skills learned in the classroom. Subjects and skills learned in the classroom are as follows:
Advanced Fly Fishing

  • Czech Nymphing (European Nymphing)
  • Advanced Streamer Fishing
  • Fly Fishing the Midge Hatch
  • Fly Fishing the PMD Hatch
  • Drop Shot Nymphing
  • Fly Fishing the Caddis Hatch
  • Fly Selection and Presentation
  • Roll Cast
  • Reach Cast
  • Quiet Presentation
  • Aquatic Entomology
  • Reading the Water
  • Winter Fly Fishing
  • Effective Emerger Fishing

The focus and goal of the Advanced Fly Fishing Program is to present you with a variety of dry and wet fly fishing techniques coupled with advanced fly casting techniques that will make you a more rounded and skilled angler. Having a solid understanding of the water breathing world and how it relates to successful fly fishing is a barrier that this class is designed to break.

NWSFF is proud to have Derek Peterson as our Advanced Fly Fishing Instructor.  Derek is a professional fly fisherman who makes his living daily on the river using many if not all of the techniques and concepts he is teaching during your class room instruction.  It’s this experience and knowledge that Derek brings to NWSFF, Treasure Valley Fly Fishing and the Advanced Fly Fishing Program.

Derek Peterson is a Idaho home grown angler who lives in Boise, Idaho and makes a living as a professional guide with Dreams on the Fly Outfitters.  Derek has fly fished the great waters of Southwest Idaho for over 2 decades.  He has a keen understanding for what it takes to be a successful anger on these rivers.  As a man who makes his living helping anglers catch fish it’s a natural fit for Derek to pass on his experience through the Advanced Fly Fishing Program

The Advanced Fly Fishing Program is offered every 6 weeks and is held Wednesday through Saturday, Saturday being the day on the water with your guide. Cost $650.