Fly Fishing Classes

Mike Teaching

The Northwest School of Fly Fishing offers several courses throughout the year targeting various skill levels and locations. To register, please visit our registration page and sign up today.

Classes offered (not limited to) include:

  • Advanced Fly Fishing Program
  • Become an Expert on Silver Creek
  • Beginning Fly Fishing Program
  • Caddis Fly Fishing
  • Classic Dry Fly Fishing
  • Critical Concepts in Fly Fishing
  • Czech Nymp Fishing
  • Emergers
  • Fast Track to Fly Fishing
  • Fly Casting
  • Fly Fish Entomology
  • Fly Tying
  • Midge Fishing
  • Nymph Fishing
  • Fishing the Owyhee River
  • Rod Building
  • Fishing the Snake River
  • Still Water Fly Fishing
  • Strategies for the Boise RIver
  • Streamers
  • Winter Fly Fishing