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At Dreams on the Fly, our passion is connecting people with the outdoors through fly fishing. We provide every client with a top notch experience whether you are heading to the river for the first time or an experienced angler. We will match you with a professional guide and guarantee a safe and fun day on the river.

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Andrew Catt – Owner

Born and raised in the Treasure Valley, Andrew spent his childhood hiking, camping and fishing in the deep woods and high mountain lakes where his father taught he and his brothers to fly fish. Spending the daylight hours exploring the rivers and trails, often returning to worried parents, Andrew knew there was something special about the breathtaking vistas, incredible wildlife and the plethora of fish.

Fly fishing became his sport of choice, as he put aside his interests in snowboarding, golf and skiing in pursuit of time on the rivers. It was common to find Andrew on the Owyhee, South Fork, and the Wood River Valley rivers 2 or 3 times a week, where he continually perfected his skills. It was during these times when he met fly shop manager, Dave Tucker, who hired Andrew and encouraged him to follow and hone his ever growing talents. Andrew was intrigued with Dave’s natural ability to interact with the outdoors and nature.

Andrew is passionate and eager to share his experiences and knowledge with beginning, experienced and advanced fly fishers on some of the most desirable rivers in the West. Andrews favorite quote from Sir John Buchan;

“The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.”

Derek Peterson Streamer & Nymph Guru

derek peterson
Born and raised in Boise, Derek has more than 20 years’ experience fishing in Southwest Idaho and Oregon on rivers like the South Fork, Bigwood and Silvercreek as well as the Owyhee. He enjoys backcountry fishing in the high mountain lakes and streams as well as steelhead and sturgeon fishing.

An exceptional streamer and nymph fisherman, Derek is passionate about fishing and enjoys teaching others and helping them to catch more fish. Always looking to improve his skills, Derek enjoys meeting other fisherman, sharing river knowledge, techniques and tips. “It is just as exciting to hook a fish myself as it is to hand a fellow fisherman a new fly and watch him hook a big one.”

Derek spent most of his career as a chef in various restaurants in Downtown Boise. He has a vast knowledge of the food scene as well as many hidden Idaho attractions. When not on the river, you will find him mountain biking, snowboarding or playing outside with his family.

Ken Burkholder-Award Winning Fly Tier

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Ken Burkholder grew up fishing the local waters, including Silver Creek, the South Fork of the Boise, and the Owyhee River where he has fished ever since browns were introduced. This avid interest in the sport of fly fishing has led to over 30 years as a guide, mostly on the world famous South Fork of the Snake. Well-known for his hand-tied flies, Ken always strives to match the hatch, whether using tried-and-true patterns or his own award-winning innovations. Dreams on the Fly is happy to welcome Ken to the team.