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Boise Idaho
bwo emerger
Question: How can I tell what is what with an emerger pattern?

Answer:This question can be confusing to many anglers because of the lack of education on what an emerger pattern dry fly is and what a dry fly is. What is an emerger fly and what is a dry fly is also one of the most controversial things in fly fishing today. So to not get all science on you I’ll give you some logic that will help you when you are staring at flies at the local fly shop.

An emerger dry fly floats just under, in or on the meniscus (Surface tension, surface film or barrier between water and air). A dry fly will float with it’s body above the Meniscus.  It”s as simple as that.  So when you look at fly patterns, look at them and use common logic to make your decision as to whether or not the fly you are holding is either an emerger fly or a dry fly. What types of emerger fly patterns are available to you as an angler? I’ll save that one for another time.

bwo emergerBlue Winged Olive Emerger

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