About Us

Mission Statement

Mike Sandifer

Northwest School of Fly Fishing is dedicated to providing to the new angler and skilled angler the most up to date and accurate fly fishing information available. For new anglers Northwest School of Fly Fishing offers year round classes to give new anglers or anglers new to the area an opportunity for continuing fly fishing education. For the skilled angler Northwest School of Fly Fishing is committed to creating a place where anglers can go to study fly fishing, talk fly fishing attend seminars and have a place to go where fly fishing is spoken.

About The Fly Box

Mike Sandifer

We are a Boise, Idaho business located in Northwest School of Fly Fishing. Our customers are always asking us about what flies work for a particular river during a the current season. We created The Fly Box to offer a subscription service to answer both of those questions in an effortless way.  We ship out to our subscription customers once a month a box of flies specifically chosen for our waters by Mike Sandifer, a  fly fishing expert to match the time of year and river conditions such as cfs flows, etc.

Mike Sandifer, our expert on fly fishing, owns Northwest School of Fly Fishing and Northwest Trout Shop. He has been fly fishing all over the West for 50 years.  He ties flys, builds fly rods and teaches fly fishing. He has been a teacher of fly fishing for over 20 years.

Mike, assisted by his wife Martha, is available for questions via email, phone or drop in visit at our shop.